Auto Accident



Your health is your wealth. No one wants to lose that. So, when your health is in jeopardy because a negligent driver triggered an accident, they must be held accountable. That’s where attorney Azzam Elder stands tall, having recovered millions of dollars for his injured clients.

Sadly, car accidents can result in pain and suffering that can last far beyond the moment of impact. After the initial trauma, it could be stressful having to deal with insurance companies, time off work, car damage, and other uncertainties.

Fortunately, Azzam is an experienced auto accident attorney. He believes you don’t deserve to endure physical, emotional, or financial burdens after an accident. However, Azzam does know you deserve confident and effective legal representation that will make the difference when covering your medical bills, car payments, work loss, and pain and suffering.

Remember, after a collision do not be aggressive. Stay calm, call the police, and exchange insurance information. For a free initial consultation, or for more information, please contact Azzam Elder at 800-MYLAWFIRM, (800) 695-2934

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