It happens. You might be a victim of a wrongful termination and fired illegally. The knowledgeable attorney’s at Azzam Elder Law are skilled litigators. They specialize in employment disputes, civil rights, and have a strong commitment to hold employers accountable when they violate the law.

You have rights as an employee. Retaliation, sexual harassment, discrimination (gender, race, religion, age, pregnancy, military service), unjust termination, are abuses those employers inflict upon their employees. Employment laws are intended to keep employees safe and make sure they are treated fairly and with respect. You should expect to have a safe working environment, non-discriminatory hiring practices, honoring minimum wage, and over-time laws. These common employment law issues also include:
  • Wrongful termination
  • Employment contracts
  • Retaliation and whistleblowing (employer breaking the law, cheating the government)
  • Overtime payment disputes
  • Workplace violence
  • Family Medical Leave Act violations
  • Non-complete contracts
  • Forced to work off the clock
  • Misclassified as an Independent Contractor
  • Improperly paid by the Job/Piece/Install

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