Police Abuse And Misconduct



Police officers take a solemn oath to protect and serve. They are committed, ethical public servants. It’s a tough job, a difficult, life-threatening, and stressful job. Unfortunately, police officers occasionally are faced with confrontations with the citizens they see every day, and the possibility of abuse of power is particularly dangerous to all of us. We place trust in the police, and a betrayal of that trust cannot be ignored. The physical, emotional, financial, and legal consequences of police brutality can be staggering, and our police brutality lawyers will not allow that.

The lawyers at Azzam Elder Law will listen to your story and advise you on how best to proceed with your claim. We have the experience in helping innocent clients of police brutality and will help them pursue justice and compensation.

Civil rights violations can happen to anyone. Our lawyers have represented clients of all different ages, races, genders, backgrounds, and socio-economic status. Our Civil Rights/Police Misconduct practice areas include police misconduct, civil rights violations, deadly or excessive force, police shootings, false arrest, and more.

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